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Challenger Downhole Tools Products

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Challenger Sidewinder / Sidewinder Ball Drop

The Challenger Sidewinder is a NEW and innovative tool that oscillates the drill string, reducing drill string friction, this in turn reduces stick slip when drilling with an oriented steerable motor as well as other applications.

Challenger Safety Joint

The Safety Joint is designed for the safe and dependable release from the drill string should the drill sting become stuck below the Safety Joint.

Hydraulic / Mechanical Drilling Jar (HMJ)

The Challenger Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jar is an all-purpose Drilling jar suited for all drilling applications. This jar is equipped with a mechanical ‘safety” latch and hydraulic delay when jarring upwards, a Mechanical latch for jarring downwards.

High Output Hydraulic / Mechanical Drilling Jar – (HO-HMJ)

In today’s Drilling applications longer reach Horizontal sections are becoming more popular. With that in ind it has also become more difficult to determine just how much pull the drilling jars are being subjected to. We are seeing more Drilling jars with damaged due to being over pulled and longer able to fire.

Drilling Motors

All Challenger Drilling Motors are equipped with a rotor catch.

Adjustable Bent Housing

Challenger’s Adjustable Bent Housing, click for more information.

Power Section Spec Sheets

Click to view spec on our Power Section Spec Sheets.

Shock Tool

The Challenger Downhole Tools Shock Tool effectively reduces impact loading on the bit to extend bit life and reduce bit trips. By isolating axial bit vibrations from the drill string, the shock tool will reduce lateral and torsional drill string vibrations, and related fatigue damage or failure of the rotary connections.

Bumper Jar

The Challenger two-way bumper jar incorporates upwards hydraulic delay without a latch mechanism and manual bumping action downwards. This jar will allow the operator to apply variable impact in both the up and down directions. The bumper is intended for use in highly deviated or high friction wells, where conditions may prevent applying sufficient force to release a mechanical latch.

Reamers & Stabilizers

Challenger provides a complete line of Reamers & Stabilizers to assist in all types of Drilling Applications.

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